Terms and conditions


1. Terms

These General Terms and Conditions of Apartment7500 (“GTC”) apply to all bookings with or through Apartment7500 or any of its affiliates (“Apartment7500”) of any property rental, hotel booking, ancillary services or holiday (“Holiday”).
It is recommended that you as the customer make a print out of the GTC valid at the time of making any booking.
Apartment7500 acts as an intermediary and/or booking agent for properties being rented and Holidays being arranged and to be delivered by one or more third party(ies), including without prejudice to the generality of the above, acting as an intermediary and/or booking agent on behalf of (i) individual chalet operators providing a packaged chalet/villa rental holiday, (ii) owners or agents of owners of properties offering his/her properties for rental and (iii) individual service providers separately delivering services for the purpose of the Holiday (“Providers”). Any contract regarding such Holiday is directly concluded between you, as the customer, and the individual one or more Providers, as the case may be. Apartment7500 is not a contract party to such a contract, but is entitled to a fee for its intermediary activities.

2. Contracts

All bookings made through Apartment7500 will be subject to the general terms and conditions and rental arrangements of the respective Provider(s), as well as, the GTC and, you, as a customer, agree that by making a booking through Apartment7500, you are bound by those terms and conditions.
You, as the customer, conclude your contract(s) directly with the relevant Provider(s) in respect of any Holiday. If you procure or reserve a Holiday from different Providers, you conclude an individual contract with each Provider and accept its respective general terms and conditions and/or rental arrangement. Apartment7500, as intermediary and/or agent, is not a party to the contract(s) with such Provider(s).

3. Booking Process and Rules

To facilitate bookings you and Apartment7500 agree to the following rules which apply to the intermediary contract between you and Apartment7500:
3.1 Internet pages
The content of the internet pages of Apartment7500 does not represent or impose an obligation on Apartment7500 or on the relevant Providers and may be subject to change. Also see TERMS OF USE of the Apartment7500 website.
3.2 Booking Confirmation
A booking confirmation form (“Booking Form”) sent to a customer shall constitute a conditional offer to book a requested Holiday, which conditional offer is subject to receipt by Apartment7500 of a completed and signed Booking Form within 24 hours of the booking form being sent to the customer. No reservation or booking of any Holiday through Apartment7500 will be valid unless and until Apartment7500 has received the required deposit/initial payment to secure a booking, as well as, a signed booking confirmation from a customer in a form acceptable to Apartment7500 and the relevant Providers in their sole discretion (which signed confirmation, for the avoidance of doubt, shall constitute an agreement to the general terms and condition of Apartment7500 acting as intermediary, as well as, the general terms and conditions and rental arrangements of the relevant Provider(s)). Receipt by Apartment7500 of a signed Booking Form from a customer shall constitute a valid and binding legal contract between such customer and the relevant Providers as provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2 above.

4. Payments

4.1 Terms of Payment
The payment terms are as set out in the booking confirmation form referred to in paragraph 3.2 above. As a general rule, customers are required to make an initial payment to confirm the booking (without which no price or booking can be guaranteed) and a final payment a few weeks or months in advance of the arrival date. Certain Providers may also require a security deposit.
If a customer fails to make the payments in accordance with the relevant payment terms of the booking, Apartment7500 and/or the relevant Providers shall be entitled to immediately terminate the agreement for the Holiday between the customer and the relevant Providers and refuse the customer access to the property. In this event, no refund or compensation shall be due to the customer from Apartment7500 or the relevant Provider.
4.2 Methods of Payment
The following payment methods are offered by Apartment7500 depending on type of product, total amount to be paid and departure date:
4.2.1 Electronic transfer
You can also make payment by electronic transfer to the nominated bank account of Apartment7500. Any indicated price and booking can be guaranteed only when the payment is received (in cleared funds).

5. Cancellation or Modifications

5.1 Requested by the Customer
The cancellation of a booked Holiday is subject to the cancellation terms set out in the signed Booking Form. As a general rule, booked Holidays cannot be modified or cancelled without payment of cancellation, modification or administrative fees. These fees can amount up to the whole of the price of the cancelled or modified Holiday or the relevant part thereof. If a client wishes to cancel a booked Holiday, he/she must notify Apartment7500 in writing.
If the reason for your cancellation is covered by the terms of any insurance policy you have purchased you may be able to reclaim any applicable non-refunded fees or cancellation charges from the insurers (also see paragraph 8 below). Apartment7500 cannot be held responsible for costs incurred by a customer in relation to a cancelled Holiday or any part thereof.
If a customer wishes to make any changes to his/her booked Holiday, he/she must notify Apartment7500 in writing as soon as possible. Apartment7500 shall use all reasonable endeavors to meet such requests, but cannot guarantee compliance with any request. Any modification of a booked Holiday, may be subject to additional charges or an administration fee.
5.2 Requested by the Providers and/or Apartment7500
The Providers reserve the right to cancel or modify the main contract in certain cases, subject to their terms and conditions.
If Apartment7500 can no longer provide the booked Holiday for any reason whatsoever, Apartment7500 shall use all reasonable endeavors to provide its customer with an appropriate substitute Holiday or to refund the booking fee and security deposit already paid by the customer, subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant Providers.

6. Use of the Property

Customers shall use the property booked for the Holiday only for the purpose for which it has been rented to them (personal lodging). It is forbidden to use the premises for any kind of commercial use during the rental (photo shoots, seminars, large parties etc.) unless expressly agreed in writing by Apartment7500 or the relevant Provider or to take and/or use photographs of the Property for any commercial purpose.
Customers shall not assign the rental agreement nor sublet the property in any circumstance whatsoever.

7. Rules and Safety Precautions

Many Holidays booked through Apartment7500 are for the rental of private luxury homes and not hotels. There are no legal notices for precaution as customers may find in luxury hotels. Properties may contain a list pertaining to Rules and Security Precautions concerning the use of the properties or their facilities. Please read these Rules and Safety Precautions carefully if they are provided since they are an integral part of the contractual arrangement with the relevant Providers. All customers and other occupants undertake to adhere to these Rules and Safety Precautions.
Please note that not all properties have safety deposit boxes.
If there is an alarm in the property booked, customers are required to ensure that it is switched on whenever they leave the property and at night before going to bed. Please note that the failure to do so could impact whether or not the property’s insurance will cover any losses in case of burglary.
Please note that all properties available through Apartment7500 will not have the same levels of safety measures in relation to children as customers may have in their homes and the supervision of children is the sole responsibility of customers.
If in the opinion of Apartment7500, any Provider, or any other person in authority, a customer or a member of his/her party behaves in a manner, which causes or is likely to cause a danger, excessive disturbance (i.e. to neighbours), damage to the property, or acts in breach of any provision of any of the booking documents, the Holiday booked may be terminated immediately and the customer shall be asked to leave the property. In this event, the customer shall not receive any refund and the customer shall be fully liable for any expense incurred as a result of his/her behaviour or the behaviour of any member of his/her party.

8. Damages / Security Deposit

The property shall be checked by the owner, his/her agent or another Provider before and after the Holiday. Customers shall be liable for any deterioration or damages caused to the furniture/utilities contained in the property. We recommend that customers’ ensure that their insurance policy covers accidental damage to the property and its contents. Furthermore, customers shall be liable for all costs related to the loss of any keys provided to them on the first day of the Holiday.
Any Security Deposit shall be returned to a customer as soon as possible, but in any event at the latest by within 30 days of the end of the Holiday, unless the terms and conditions of any Provider provides otherwise. If a customer or any member of his party has caused any deterioration or damages to the property, these damages will be deducted from your Security Deposit and if necessary, from his/her credit card.

9. Problems with the Providers

If you have any problem with any Provider (e.g. services badly supplied, damage caused etc.) you must raise your complaint or bring any claim directly against the Provider and inform Apartment7500 immediately. Apartment7500 will use all reasonable endeavours to assist you and try to find a solution with the Provider concerned.

10. Exclusion of liability

Apartment7500 is not liable for any damages, loss, death or personal injury suffered by any customer in relation to any Holiday provided by any Provider.
Please note that most Providers are subject to a limited responsibility or limit or exclude their responsibility in their general terms and conditions which form an integral part of the contract between you and the Provider concerned. For more information on the relevant contract with the Provider, please consult the general terms and conditions and rental arrangements of the respective Provider. Operators of Travel Packages may be liable for the proper performance of their services. Tour operators and intermediaries may take recourse against a Provider if it has compensated a customer for a non-performance by the Provider.

11. Insurance

Apartment7500 does not provide any insurance cover. Without prejudice to the generality of the above, Apartment7500 does not provide any insurance cover in the case of (i) illness, accident or decease, (ii) any other loss or damage suffered by a customer during any holiday or (iii) any cancellation of the holiday. Providers may offer such insurance. Travel insurance remains the sole responsibility of all customers. We strongly advise that all customers take out suitable holiday insurance for the duration of their stay, including cancellation insurance. In respect of each booking which is made through Apartment7500, the customer undertakes on behalf of itself and all members of his/her party: (i) to arrange adequate holiday insurance which cover suitable to the activities they will be engaging in, (ii) not to hold Apartment7500 or any Provider responsible for any cost incurred by him/her or a member of his/her party due to his/her failure to take out adequate insurance, and (iii) to indemnify Apartment7500 and each of the Providers against any loss suffered or cost incurred by him/her or any member of his/her party due to his/her failure to take out adequate insurance cover.

12. Securing of Payments by the Customer

Apartment7500 is not a member of the Swiss Foundation “Garantie du Voyage” or any similar fund or foundation in any other jurisdiction, which secures the customers payments for the respective Travel Package, as it is only an intermediary/booking agent.

13. Passport and Visa Requirements

It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with the local laws relating to visas and authorisations for the country in which the Holiday is booked. We strongly recommend that all customers contact their local office for foreign travel and passports to enquire about passport, visa and health requirements for the country in which the Holiday is booked.

14. Amendment of Booking Forms

Any and all modifications or amendments of the Booking Forms and/or any ancillary documents are only valid if they are made in writing, and if they are signed by all parties. Any handwritten amendments or additions to the Booking Form will only be valid if they are countersigned or initialled by Apartment7500 before the commencement of the Holiday.

15. Changes to the GTC

We may amend the GTC at any time without prior notice. If we do amend these terms and conditions, the amended terms will be effective when posted on this website.

16. Invalidity

If any of the provisions in our GTC should be invalid, it will not affect the other provisions.

17. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The relationship and any contract concluded with Apartment7500 or under the solicitation of Apartment7500 shall be governed by the material laws of Switzerland. In case of dispute, Apartment7500 and its customer undertake to try to settle such dispute out of court or before the ombudsman of the Swiss travel industry. If not otherwise set forth by mandatory law, any legal dispute against Apartment7500 shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Maloja, Switzerland.